2. Chorus could have BEEN lot more engaging. The beginning of the chorus "RUN" is so good, but it doesn't hold up after that.. 3. When they sing "I'm a Loser" there are "OHH" adlibs in the back, There's a subtle but also very noticeable scratchy distortion on the adlibs..I find it grating. 4.

TXT estrena LOSER=LOVER, ¿qué hace especial al MV de su comeback?

TXT is a five-member boy group that debuted under Big Hit Music in March 2019. They are known for their hits "Crown," "Can't You See Me?" and "Blue Hour." In July 2021, TXT was.

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298 votes, 20 comments. 2.2M subscribers in the kpop community. K-Pop (Korean popular music) is a musical genre consisting of pop, dance, electropop…

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Music. TXT - LOSER-LOVER. On this page you can download new song TXT - LOSER-LOVER for free, MP3 size:7.78 Mb , duration: 03:19, or you can listen to LOSER-LOVER - TXT music anytime online, fast and easy interface.

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"[The song] expresses the desire of wanting to be your lover — my healer and salvation — and to be each other's saviour, even if you have to appear to be like a loser in the eyes of the.

5 reasons why fans are going crazy over TXT's new 'LOSER=LOVER' music video! YAAY KPOP

Speaking at their global media showcase earlier today (17/8), member Taehyun described the track as an "emo-punk song with an explosive hook".The song was also written by member Yeonjun, who "was very excited because it was his first time participating in a title track".The singer shared that he was inspired by the Netflix series The End of the F*****g World.

TXT Reach New Heights With the Joyfully Rebellious “Loser=Lover” Seoulbeats

[Post-Chorus: Beomgyu, All, Soobin] I'm a loser (Oh-oh) I'm a loser (Oh-oh) Lover with a dollar sign Is a loser I'm a lover (Oh-oh) I'm a lover (Oh-oh) Lover with a dollar sign Is a loser [Verse 3.

Txt Revela Video De Loser Lover Y Estos Son Los Momentos Que My XXX Hot Girl

igil su eopdeon fighting, bleeding, losing ijen jichyeosseo. gajil su eopdamyeon I freakin' keep it low. Crying, crying, crying ijen jibeochyeo. Love you love you love you. No matter what I do. I say "Run". michin deut keuge useojwo. nunmureun ije good bye, time to say. "Run".

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TXT has been absolutely delivering on their title tracks recently, this is top tier Kpop. If I've to rank my top 3 TXT title songs yet:. just listened to loser lover and 0x1 back to back and im so so fucking excited for TXT to take on this punk/emo pop sound! what a great direction for this chapter/era. they also look like they came straight.

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TXT (Tomorrow X Together) Lyrics. Writer (s): Keun Chull Shin, Alex Karlsson, Oneye, Yeon Jun Choi, In Chan Hwang, Moa Anna Carlebecker, Ronnie Icon, Jin Woo Chung, Do Hyung Kwon, Louis Bell, Billy Walsh, Si Hyuk Bang, Daniel Caesar, Andy Love. This song is the lead single of TXT's repackaged album "The Chaos Chapter: Fight Or Escape".


[Intro: Soobin, Yeonjun] I'm a loser, I'm a loser Ayy Oh, yeah, yeah [Verse 1: Yeonjun, Soobin, Taehyun] In a car colored gray I'm running away Beyond this fucked up world (Oh, oh) My hand.

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[Post-Chorus: Beomgyu, All, Soobin] I'm a loser (Oh-oh) I'm a loser (Oh-oh) Lover with a dollar sign Is a loser I'm a lover (Oh-oh) I'm a lover (Oh-oh) Lover with a dollar sign Is a losеr [Verse.

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Jump from this highway wings spread and broken. Flyin' to forever but can't help falling. With you even a fall is beautiful. I gladly sink to the other side of the sky. Just hope we can embrace by the end of my clumsy flight. I don't care if everyone laughs, I want to sink into your ocean. I say "Run".

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the whiplash I get from watching this straight after the MOA Diary stage omg dare I say.. one of my favourite TXT stages ever??? god I love the outfits so much. also Kai looks too good with the hair he has now.. this stage was amazing, seeing them adapt so well with any concept thrown at them + get better and better with each comeback has been amazing, I'm so so proud. they're having their.

TXT LOER=LO♡ER Lyrics (투모로우바이투게더 LOSER=LOVER 가사) (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han) YouTube

'The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE' is the repackage version of TXT's second studio album 'The Chaos Chapter: Freeze'. The album contains 11 songs, wit.

TXT's "Loser=Lover" Lyrics In English Will Make You Rethink The Word Loser

MOA! Here's my Kpop guitar cover of Loser=Lover by TXT with the official MV! I really love TxT's music and how they almost have a continual "rock" style. It.

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